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The Real Facts-By Loose Cannon!
Life On The Indy Scene!
Hey this is cannon for The Real Wrestling Facts for the week of 4-30-2004 my subject this week is Life ON Indy Scene" Ok it not as glory-bound as most people think it takes alot time'deication'away from familys' alot of miles on your car!!!! Most mizarks thinks its a dream to be a indy wrestler to most in this business we are living a dream but it isn't cut out like a cardboard box gimmick as most think you spend alot of there time road traveling city to city - state to state you may earn $5 to $100 most depending who you are and most times you never earn a dam thing!!!! Sure now and then you sweat'bleed' and suffer to get a match with a legend or a name once in the clear blue" But generally life on the indy scene is never what it seems most workers take alot of there time to travel to town to town it most time the cost more for a worker to travel to a town or wrestle than they get paid for most promotors say i invested this or i invested that but in the end the worker invest more of his/her time and money and away from there familys than any promotor claiming i spend this or that than they ever well in a life time!!!!! During my road travels i willing to bet i only earn maybe at the most 2000 dollars in my 12 year span. It not i can demand 3000 here or 10'000 here or 400 here it to me a name base they can earn that kinda living i don't make a living at wrestling i have done that in years most theses days say we are not weekend warriors when in fact most are i only do 2 to 3 times a week on working a show only when i am invited to do a weeknight show it very often i ever do it years back yes i did i was working 4 to 5 nights a week. Pay was suckee again you never make a living doing this unless Vineee -Mack paying you or Tedee -Boy is The Jarrett's are another option or going over sea's to Japan or Mexico or else -weres" Somebody say one day on a show you haven't pay your dues which is true unless you set-rings up' makes 5'10'15'20 dollars' put out flyers' drum-up-sponors thats paying dues and + wrestle at the same dam time so next time you see a local wrestler thank him/her for coming weather you like them or not they come 100's miles in heat/storms/snow to set up rings / perform for you fans and the promotors should do the same thank the workers for there time they say we make you or break which is totally false the wrestlers make or break a promotion and in the end its up to everybody working together again your indy wrestle on the local scene makes your day/night and makes you happy its worth the times traveling state-to-state to give a kid a good time -mom/pop there good laugh memory/ grandparents saying i remember when so-in-so did this back way then. Again remember us commend us apprecate us and we well give you our time our bodys our life to make you wanna come back to see us. And thats this week on SHOOT ON THIS OR THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANNON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cannon's Fire!-By Loose Cannon!
Hey this is cannon for the (cannon's fire) for the week of 5-3-2004 weekend of suprises' dominates' ect. Ok left offs 1st folks DCW had let another success Night of Pain this past weekend crowd was loud don't know a number had alot of problems including a young rook getting the hard way but other than that a great show i even got in the ring and pull out another lost am i wonderful or what DCW returns to Bolivar T.N. later this month. What is it and why its coming in hell if i know i got a secret admiral lettter in from somebody saturday night and in hopes its a good thing not a bad thing hopefully it well all turn out? Like i said folks alot of mindboggeling for me this weekend setting up the ring' riding over 2 hrs' cleaning dressing rooms' and then getting home almost 3 a.m. not in my fortay!!! Suprises i say so folks got to see a really awesome team that night matter fact there on my top 10 rankings -----> THE POWER TWINS really nice guys there wrestlers/wrestlers also saw another suprise HOTROD was in the house!!!!!! Also Criminyle came down i ended up putting him along with my pal Jimmy HALL in semi-main event other than one my newer freinds getting busted open hard-way its was a good night. I talked to DEADLY_DALE the deadiest player in the business and he told me that the BIGBOSSMAN was 1st class all the way really cut up and had a real good time with the WFAC group this past weekend they said they had to turn fans away because the building was packed i am glad for the newport arkansas based WFAC hopefully RAY<---- BOSSMAN well be back sometime in distance future for the arkansas area again. I sorta did a misprint on ASWF i meant to say 5-22-2004 is were there big show me and my typo's (LOL)!!! Thats when HANDSOME JIMMY VALINET suppose to be back in it well be held in SWIFTON ARKANSAS, at the gym. AWWWWW never got to see Memphis Rassin so i leave them alone this week that well shock the living hell outta them i plan on going and reading or heck even calling one of the boys and asking them if i have to so no reprot on them sorry folks. Same goes for LAW late again folks never saw the show but i haven't seen a bad show outta DK group let???? That thing last week bout them possibly leaving the building was apparently false i recoken" I also saw RODNEY GRIMS i hoped i spelled it right at the DCW show saturday night i hope he has a great turnout in his upcoming event for thoses kids they are sending to aussie land soon for the games so more less folks we had 4 differnt reps of promotors was there that night in the same building while a DCW event was going and they say DCW CAN'T WORK WITH NOBODY ELSE HUH? I also see that more and more interests it being taken seriously for DCW not a brag folks a fact i can care less what they say on the boards but when you got 4 different promotions there watching another show and talent from all of USA there there interests in a dam show guateen it folks!!! Our next DCW event well be at ASHLAND MISSISSIPPI again in the arena on may 15' 2004 called PUSHING TO THE LIMIT let another new NWA/TNA star well appear more on this as it comes in!!!! Lets not forget of the benefit for upcoming MCW<-- Midsouthern Wrestling in TYRONZA ARKANSAS at the gym on 5-08-2004 at the gym i well be involve in that one aswell folks promises to be great" What talked bout 7 feds already hmmmmmmm also folks look for newer faces coming soon for serveral promotions including yes DCW i beleive in supporting the supporting cast but also vamping the show up a bit for the fans to see newer wrestlers men and womens divsions included. Hey here you a funny my tights this past saturday no holes newer tights wow!! Losing wegiht too wow 2 for 2 but i still need a dam tan wait a min need to bump better too wait a min need teeth also wait a min need i say more? I saw also another suprise 2 new camera men for DUNN group really freindly gentlemen and they did a awesome job i finally got to cut a promo for CANNON'S FIRE on tv again but i figure it won't appear until or up in a few weeks both show went over again gawd!!!!!!!!! Me and HOLLYWOOD JIMMY went out and ate a steak at a local steak house there in BOLIVAR T.N. great food dang AL-HAL was late (LMAO) other than that great steaks SHOWTIME I LOVE MAN I HOPE everything turn out for you alrighty saturday night bud my thoughts and prayers are with you. Had some interesting emails'calls for future talent coming in some good conversations too i hope the fans well jump at the chance to see the newer talent coming in soon to aswell!!! Ok folks its short and sweet this week site of the week 1st--------------> great site alot of gals to see espically our main ones with DCW i recommend this site strongly folks ok my closeing thought-------------> Dam isn't it a shame i didn't get to see Memphis Wrestling this week? Why was the DCW girls shock to find out i was married in real life? I had a stop watch on saturday and it still wasn't enough good lord!!! WHY EVERYBODY ASKING ME WHAT ARE WE DOING WHEN THERE FORMAT SHEETS ARE IN PLAIN SIGHT!!!! Wrestling is a work ? Right!!!!!!!!! Suprise /Suprise watcht the next cannon's fire on tv morons!!!! Why do i still set up rings for maybe thats what i need to do wait a min i need to buy a ticket aswell. Thanks you DENISE you go girl!!! Ok tune in next time on the stars coming in down the road ?? How many more lies can DCW say i well shoot on that topic sick of seeing workers working the boards because they can't work a show or not being booked. This and more on the most hated/misspelled/need grammar classes/care less if makes sense to you/outspoken/fact not fiction column in its 7 year history the cannon's fire!!!!!!!!! CANNON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!