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Down South Championship Wrestling


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"The Real Facts"

"The Real Facts" doesn't not necessarily express the views or opinions of DCW.  This is an editorial column by Loose Cannon.

Hey this is cannon for The Real Wrestling Facts for the week of 4-23-2004 my subject for the week is Bookings/Shows/ect. Alot has gone on last few weeks and more is happening for the weeks to months to come. Let me point on the few things in this week subject example booking oppentants'workers'shows! I've never made claim that i am a great booker but i book the best indy workers availble to the midsouth scene and ' I as a booker for DCW try to book a different stars or two on each show but also stay deicated to my current roster thats been with DCW since day 1. Well my promotor makes fame that he has the only current strong women's division in the midsouth and he is right on that one to current new stars appearing now form NWA/TNA like ABYSS' SLASH' SINN' TRACY BROOKS'LOLIPOP with the current ranks at DCW reach it determine to bring the best to the midsouth no they are not at top of the mountain like claims are on the message boards but they bring a alternative to the midsouth now with the approaching of STEVE AUSTIN' KEVIN NASH' TERRI RUNNELS coming in soon for them who else you know that has the power to bring in such name with exception to WWE working with Memphis rassin nobody can make the claim. All the trash been going on lately bout opposing of AUSTIN coming in its just plain jealously on the part of worker wanting to come in who pays better than DCW nobody who gives the ladies a place to play quite often nobody. Not trying to degrade the others and there some dam good groups out there like DWA'JPW'CWA'SKYLINE'LAW'ASWF and so on but i try to book some good matches and good talent i have at my disposal two great managers in the business with SEXY SAM DOLLAR & HOLLYWOOD JIMMY BLAYLOCK who can say they have very talented managers on the same roster DCW can!!!! We are experimenting with tv now is sometimes is good quality show sometimes is dark ages of tv '  I try to stay outta limelife not a typical booker who wants to be in main event or have a strap/belt on me every 5 seconds or be put over everytime thats not my fortay is never has been i booked myself in 1 main event match and it was a hair v.s. title match and i lost my hair who do you know thats willing to go that extra mile i am. Right now i am currently working on newer talent and folks theses guys and gals are expericene and can flat -go!!! There alot on internet now crying DCW this DCW that all because they wished they was on the card hell if you want booked my email in the DCW site why cry over spilled milk shut up and wrestle quit wineing because i never book you be men call me email me all the threats in the word or boycotts and i love people acting like there from so-in-so to trying to get over or discredit a organzation because they are jealous-fools all i am saying is DCW is not the best but we are not the worst either'' since day one when we announced  DCW  was coming to mississippi its been nuttie but winey'crying babies on the interent again i well book who i want when i want as the DCW  promotor well do as well there not enough of you memphis boys can stop us hell i am willing to work with memphis pick up the phone/email and get in touch with me or Huckba OK !!!! Hear a challenge to memphis or who ever if you wanna work with DCW call/email the door is open for MACKLIN/LAWLER its totally up to them or for all that any other fed wants a pie of the DCW piece come on come all the challenge is open. What a booking deal if The Real Wrestlers wanna  play the door is open let see if my email boxes well fill is highly unlikely folks and thats the week of SHOOT ON THIS OR THAT the door is open lets see who bites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!