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Well...I watched Wrestlemania 20.  I was very disappointed.  The quality wasn't as good as expected.  At least for the "Granddaddy of them all."  A lot of people were shocked about the brand draft announced Monday night.  However this is greatly needed due to the lack of heel precense on the Smackdown brand.  A lot of Smackdown talent were a little upset over the way they were informed.  While doing a house show Monday night, they recieved cell phone calls about the angle.  Before this...they were unaware.  The draft will allow more mid card workers to shine.  This will also better shadow the gaps in both brands thanks to the lack of "Main Eventers."  Triple H has another movie to shoot.  Lesnar is gone.  Goldberg is gone.  Rock and Foley will be gone for nearly a year.  Angle is hurting.  Show is hurting also.  These two will need time off.  The draft may be exactly what the WWE needs for a revitalizing shot.  JPW will be running their third show this Friday night. Check out the show if you can.  It is a great show with a great crowd.  I will be working the show this Friday.  If you want "Just Plain" talent...DO NOT miss it!  DCW will be having their next TV Taping this Saturday night at the Tippah County Coliseum in Ripley, MS.  I will be there along with: Lollipop, Tracy Brooks, ODB, Untouchables, Deadly Dale, Criminyle, Family Of Pain, Lord Humungous, Sexy Sam Dollar, Jimmy Hall, Danny B. Good, and more!  I will also be hitting TAJJ Championship Wrestling in Memphis on the way through.  This will be my first time there.  Hey...I saw "Cat In The Hat" last night with my daughter.  That was a good movie.  Well any movie that I can watch with her is good.  Now on to my closing comments/questions...
Is Pokerface the future of Mid-South wrestling?  Is he the present?  Does Carnage's punches look great or what?  Can Blaze break away and soar to new heights?  Maybe HE is the future.  Are YOU jealous of Lollipop?  Maybe I will let you valet for me.  Is EVERYONE jealous of JPW and DCW?  Will the REEL fly?  Can I touch the Untouchables?  Does Miss Natural remind you of Molly?  With hair?  DCW...Does Cannon Win?, Do Come Watch, .  JPW...Just Plain WOW!, (Wait...won't go there!)LOL  Seth...HOLD IT BACK!  Golden Boy...let it loose!  Jealous B****es...GROW UP! Hey...SORRY SO SHORT!  I will write more next week.